Entry to the Realm has been hidden inside certain paintings and in the calm between melodies for millennia.
 Did the ancients know but not use words the way we usually do? Indeed, right used of time must be a factor in unpacking mysteries of art.
A few light beings from the Realm got loose found my grownup clay studio. They fell asleep and started to dream. I was in my 20's at the time.
 They left mysterious body prints in the soft porcelain at dawn.
As I colored the outlines of their bodies in, heard their music and saw them take form and move.  WOW. No matter how many times I closeted them and tried to hide this sensitive, innocent and playful side of my soul, they refused to stay put! and they pestered me to remember them and trailed me as an adult too.  So did certain friends who saw the art and sensed something magic was in the works. 
Little did I know how many years it would take not just to build them....but to at least figure out enough about them to get some of their stories.  The trouble was technology did not exist whatsoever in the 1970's. It has been steadily being built over the decades. I'd bring out watercolors for extended time in Maine  (which are technically EASY compared to ceramic glazes I knew). Every year more came visible. I built and designed 25 animated storyboards for an immersive game space garden Realm to explore about 1998. Nope. The media side of my project had to wait.
On silent retreat on the coast of Maine I explored deeper regions of awareness and memory and imagination informed by innocence and getting ego out of the way as much as possible. (hah!) The mystery of these special images from deep archetypical myth/parable in spiritual texts from the Bible and other sutras- had clues to the entry. If I could just write some of the story, the light beings from the Realm would have a great place to be!
Stories led to finding entry to a timeless Realm where music, art and love lifted my heart. I now see how they saved my life as a child in addition to 10,000 prayers from grownups I may never get to thank in person. Because of this extended prayer family I grew up and have been contributing ever since.  e

Realm was formerly known under working title (Posy's Magic Turtle & Friends). 

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