First Light White Mountain (Wabanaki Dawnland name for Cadillac Mountain) in Acadia National Park looking East in late afternoon (Photo © Rosette Gault), Maine 

 Culture, laws, customs described in the book  Realm belong to a universal international heritage humanities of music and art that respectfully co-exist with many other cultures beyond  North America.
Nevertheless....the story was written and painted in the state of Maine was named after a river in France. The mythology and legacy of Dawnland stories are yet another world to explore.
Oral histories and ancestral indigenous storytellers mythologies have passed down BEFORE Europeans arrived in North America. Indigenous stories of Gluskap and friends are TOP SECRET and not for any character in the REALM to tell! Those who want to know must consult the elders of indigenous communities linked here.
 Even the fairies who are friends of the Aeternion in the REALM (stowaway immigrants Celtic and Irish?)  are sworn to secrecy!
With extreme gratitude and encouragement for continued progress and an accurate recovery of the indigenous mythologies after more than 400 years of silence passed down in families, an omission from Maine and school textbooks etc. 

Planned for this section include links list of books to learn more about the history, list of other museums, public collections and cultural centers events in Maine including but not limited to the Maine state history museum Augusta, the University of Maine at Orono museum collection, The Hudson, The Penobscot Nation Museum and Store at Che-Mollys, in, near Old Town, Maine, the library at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, and the Wabanaki Alliance.

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