A backstory from the author-artist-animator about the media project.
Entry to the Realm has been hidden inside certain paintings and in the calm between melodies for millennia.
Why was it so hidden for so many years? Did the ancients know? Indeed, this is the mystery of art.
Realm was formerly known under working title (Posy's Magic Turtle & Friends). It started when the author was a child on vacation on the coast of Maine. 
Later a few light beings from the Realm found Rosette's grownup clay studio, fell asleep and started to dream.
 They left mysterious  body prints in the soft porcelain. 
She colored them in and heard music. She wondered if technology would ever exist in her lifetime to render how she saw and heard them move. Another problem with them was they loved to poke fun. She being an artist on a serious mission hunting for serious answers to life problems,  kept shoe-ing this side of her leftover childhood into the closet. 
The art came little by little and year by year. Gault designed 25 animated storyboards for an immersive game space garden Realm to explore about 1998 but the technology was limited at the time o the project had to wait.  After more than 40 years of slow development a trail is opening. The printed story gives a sense of what's possible. Several game apps are already in development.
A luxury signed numbered illuminated artist story graphic first edition features nearly 150 color plates, map, and lore in 36 chapters and 304 pages. See green button below for first editions compact or large print are available at select independent small bookstores, art museum shops. The signed hardcover dust jacket under its own ISBN signed and numbered edition may be ordered while supplies last.
Fantasy, Nature, Music, Art, Dance, Humor, Supernatural, Family, Mystical Realism,

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