Inside Magic 
Wander inside the making of of art as it happens LIVE moment to moment. >>>>> 
One-of-a-kind journey creative culture for artists of any age and immersive interactive media inspired by the print chapter art book Realm are being added as site grows.

Dawn at summer solstice by the sea (photo of original watercolor by Rosette Gault)

This media tie-in site balances reality with fantasy is still being built/BETA. 
Here we will find media tie in to the SPACE that overlaps ordinary awareness in places between nature and art.  
The art planned here involves a playspace with sound, animation, video clips, and toys to accompany the book Realm which is in process of first printing by order here. (link)
Compare to further study of contemporary realities of multi-cultures in Maine such as Maine lingo and lore, environmental education, libraries, storytelling, indigenous Maine culture,
Meetings with the characters,  and immersive experience in art and nature,  activities, and community, games, apps, a store and more.

soundtrack and music