Here author artist Rosette Gault read excepts from the print book.  The child Posy's paintings come alive as they happen here in the art studio. Extraordinary characters show up who poke fun.
For collectors of art books we have the limited print artist first edition printings from the studio as of winter 2024. Digital versions, immersive and and audio to follow on this site and to sign up for mailing list Friends of the Realm to stay up to date. 

Author reads-  (page 17 in Chapter 1) Animated Painting

The Realm is a creative culture made of music and art. The search for a way to enter is woven between more than 150 illuminated artworks like these (embellished illustrations, paintings and watercolors)  in 304 pages Realm by Rosette Gault ISBN 978-1-952060-11-3
inspired by nature and lore of coastal Maine, in northeast North America. 
Preview a coloring book featuring art from the Realm.

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